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Robert Pelliccia

For over 25 years Award Winning Designer Robert Pelliccia has been inspired by the natural beauty of precious metals and gemstones to create truly amazing jewelry. When Robert was presented with the opportunity to design a line of jewelry for Precious Earth he realized that jewelry could be more than just beautiful. It could have meaning. Using precious metals that have been reclaimed and recycled is a great way to reuse the earth’s valuable resources. Using diamonds from Namibia means not only using ethically purchased diamonds but diamonds that are mined and cut by Namibians, creating greatly needed jobs for the local people. These concepts gave Robert a new perspective to designing jewelry, and this new inspiration led to the “Africa” Endangered Species Collection. Robert specifically chose to use a number of animals that immediately bestir thoughts of Africa, as Africa is home to a vast number of unique and amazing plants, animals and most importantly a great diversity of people and cultures.

Each piece of jewelry in the Endangered Species Collection is set with a little green gemstone (Imperial Chrome Diopside) to symbolize its socially responsible origins. There is a beautiful harmony that exists in the nature of Africa. Robert Pelliccia has tried to capture that harmony in the jewelry he has created for Precious Earth.


1993 DeBeers Diamonds Today Award
1994 Modern Jeweler Buyers Choice Award
1995 DeBeers Diamonds Today Award
1999 DeBeers Diamonds Today Award
1999 AGTA Spectrum Award
2000 AGTA Spectrum Award
2001 AGTA Spectrum Award
2002 AGTA Platinum Honors Award
2005 AGTA Platinum Honors Award
2005 AGTA Spectrum Award
2006 AGTA Spectrum Award
2007 AGTA Spectrum Award
2009 AGTA Spectrum Award
2009 AGTA Buyers Choice Award

About the Founder

Sean Dunn

After growing up around the jewelry business my whole life, I started to feel in the middle of 2008 that I could combine my love for nature and my experience in fine jewelry to truly make a meaningful difference in our industry as a whole. I got the inspiration for Precious Earth from the first moment that I saw a Namibian diamond and I learned about the concept of beneficiation that was behind it. It seemed logical that people of countries that hold such rich natural resources (like diamonds in Namibia and Botswana) should be the main beneficiaries of that resource. Then I started thinking if you start designing jewelry with a diamond that is "socially responsible", what about the metal? That's what led me to search out Hoover and Strong and utilize their brand of recycled precious metals called Harmony. The next challenge was to figure out a way that would tell the magical story of the Namibian diamonds in a manner that would capture the imagination, take jewelry lovers on a journey and make people feel great about owning a piece of Precious Earth Jewelry. This is where the concept of the "Endangered Species" collection was born. By showing jewelry designs inspired by the endangered animals of Africa, jewelers can begin telling a logical story about the Namibian diamonds that are featured this collection. We hope this will ultimately raise awareness for beneficiated diamonds and recycled metals and help bring about positive change in the jewelry industry as a whole. Read More>>