Raising awareness for the continent of Africa

When we were presented with the opportunity to represent Team Namibia diamonds we were enthralled. We finally found diamonds with a story that hopefully will resonate with socially conscious people. The allure for this product isn’t about an extra facet or a fancy name. The allure will be created by knowing that these diamonds have been cut by the locals in Namibia and have helped to empower people through beneficiation. The provenance of Team Namibia diamonds is better than any story that can be created about how a diamond shines or how many extra facets it has.

The next challenge was to figure out a way that would tell the magical story of the Team Namibia diamonds in a manner that would capture the imagination, take jewelry lovers on a journey and make people feel great about owning a piece of Precious Earth Jewelry. This is where the concept of the “Endangered Species” Collection was born.


Our lead designer, award wining Robert Pelliccia, felt spontaneously inspired and started sketching beautiful giraffes, elephants and Zebras that came to life in the form of a bold bangle bracelet. When we added the Namibian diamonds to the bracelet, the purpose of Precious Earth was crystal clear. We are going to raise awareness for the beneficiation programs in Africa and endangered species around the globe.

Namibian Cutter

Namibian Studio