Story of the Green Stone

“There is a small green natural gemstone set inside each piece of jewelry that says you care about the world around you.”

Our Signature Gem
t Precious Earth we searched long and hard to find just the right gemstone to feature on the inside or on the back of all our pieces. Our gemologist finally settled on Imperial Chrome Diopside from the leading fair trade gemstone company, Columbia Gem House.

Imperial Diopside is the highest quality of chrome diopside. Its rich green color is due to trace amounts of chromium, the same element that is responsible for the green of emerald and the red of ruby. This rare diopside is mined in the frozen lands of Northeastern Siberia. Mining is carried out almost entirely by hand. Picks and shovels are used to extract the rough gems from the earth. All Imperial Diopside is free of eye-visible inclusions.

Nature does much of the work mining Imperial Diopside. The forbidding Siberian mountains where this rich green gem is found are covered by deep snow from October to June. The winters are so harsh that the ice cracks and shapes the ground and rocks. When the snows finally melt in the summer, the green of diopside crystals can be found on the surface of the ground like a blanket of rich green moss. The sparkling crystals are washed down in the rains and sparkle on the mountainsides and riverbeds like green frosty dew.