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amibia is known for having some of the highest quality diamonds in the world right along its coast. Even with this rich natural resource, half of the 1.8 million people that live in Namibia are unemployed. At Precious Earth we believe we can help and that’s why we fully support Namibian Diamonds and Team Namibia.

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Namibian Studio The Namibian Diamond factory employs local people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, and provides them with skills essential for the growth of this nation.
Namibian Cutter

“These beautifully cut and polished stones are the result of patient and detailed work by our dedicated craftsman and women. Our people are now able to put food on their families’ tables, and promise their children a brighter future. When you buy diamonds from Namibia, you will know that you have assisted in creating job, and uplifting a need society.”……Namibian Diamonds

Viewing Diamonds Each Namibian Diamond will be laser inscribed with the Team Namibia logo on the girdle and will come with an official document stating that the diamond is natural, ethically sourced and has been polished in the beautiful country of Namibia.
Team Namibia is a monitoring body that ensures products that bear its mark are of the highest standards. Right now, the factory where these diamonds are cut employs a little over 100 local people. The goal is to have 5,000 local people employed over the next several years.